Source your apparels and accessories from our Turkey and Bangladesh factories, Manufacture your brand with effective costs. Apparel, Textile Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Jeans Accessories, Bag Accessories, Hat Accessories, Foot Wear Accessories, Swim Wear Accessories, Crochet and Knitting, Wedding Accessories, Stitching, Fabric Dying and Printing, Apparel Design and Production

Buttons, Rivets, Badges, Pin, Zippers, Eyelets, Buckles, Hooks, Sequins, RhineStone, Bead, Embroidery, Ribbon, Cord Ends, Stoppers, Grommets, Snap Fasteners, Prong Snaps, Nails, Labels, Jacron Labels, Buckles, Hooks, Patch, Woven Label, Fabrics, Yarns, Threads, Pearl Attaching, Cords, Fringes, Ric Rac, Braids, Feather and Fur, Fleece, Tassel, Bias, Pom Poms, Trims, Laces, Packing, Hang Tags, Price Tags, Narrow Woven, Elastic Tape, Wadding, Tulle, Guipur, Pin, Clips, Strings, Plastic Molded Wax Strings, Locked Cotton Strings, Webbings, Nets, Gause, Veil, Crochet, Knitting, Chiffon, Mother of Pearl, Natural Buttons, Coconut Button, Horn Button, Real Mother of Pearl Button, Corrozo Buttons

Production & Sourcing

For Merchandisers, Production Managers, Designers and Purchasing Managers we are manufacturing and Sourcing all textile products for your apparel manufacturing.
Design, Sourcing, Purchasing, Semi-raw or Semi-Product purchasing or manufacturing, Agency & Consulting or Liaison Office Services


Production of raw, semi-raw materials as well as finished products and apparels.


Sourcing of any requested items for best effective cost and quality.


Consulting and reprentive services as your local agency or branch.

About Us

Apparel accessories and textile products from Turkey. We are manufacturing apparels in our factories Turkey and Bangladesh. Our Head Office in Istanbul and Branch office in Dhaka, we have a great advantage in Production, Service, Logistics, Quality and wide varity of products. We can ensure advantage in costs with good quality. We have the advantage of good craftmanship, Flexible quantities, Competible qualities with EU Regulations and of course tax free.

We are proffesionals in sourcing and manufacturing. We can produce your brands in top qualified and Eco facilities with a best cost and flexible quantities, Sustainable and Quality Checked. We can supply, produce, packing, handling, labelling, organize logistics,quality control and custom operations.



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Launching your new apparel brand


Creating Brand

Sourcing all textile accessories and Products

Sourcing Textile

All Accessories and Products

Designing Your apparel or Branded articles


Designing Your Product

Sourcing From One Point, Cost and Time Saving

Reduce Costs

Source From One Point

  • "Producing your Brands with any quantity you request"

    Producing & Creating Your Brand

  • "Buying and purchasing all textile products and accessories"

    Fabrics and Garment Accessories

  • "Manufacturing and Sourcing all requests in one channel with cost effective operations"

    Producing and supplying all your request with cost and logistic advantage

  • "Assuring quality with good prices"

    Being sure about quality and controlling costs and also fast service

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