Metal Accessories

We Produce and Supply all Accessories used in Jeans manufacturing. All Metal Accessories which is used in apparels and Denim Jeans Production, to give their magic touch, its uniqueness, Complete the sentence and make it stylish. Without Accessories they are all piece of fabrics.
Buttons,Rivets, Eyelets, Buckles, Snap Fasteners, Stoppers, Rings, Pins, Cord Ends, Hooks, Metal Labels, Logo, Clips, Chains, Metal Embellishments

Zinc Alloy Button

Zinc Alloy Shank Button

Zinc Alloy (Zamak) Shank Buttons

Brass Buttons

Brass Buttons

Brass Shank Buttons - Jeans Buttons

Snap Buttons

Snap Buttons

Snap Buttons, Snap Fasteners, Prong Snap Buttons.

Apparel Buckles


All type of Metal Buckles for Apparels, Shoes and Bags.

Swimwear and Underwear Accessories

Sliders & Hooks

Swimwear & Underwear accessories Clips, Hooks

Cord ends

Cord Ends

Cord Ends and Stoppers

Metal Stoppers


Metal Stoppers

Eyelets and Grommets


Metal Eyelets - Brass

Metal Labels, Plates, Brand plates

Metal Label

Metal Brand Plates



All type of Accessories Used in Jeans Manufacturing, Footwear, Swimwear, Underwear, Bags, Hats, Working Clothes, Hotel and Hospital Clothes
Metal Buttons, Eyelets, Rivets, Buckles, Snap Fasteners, Prong Snap Buttons, Clips, Cord Ends, Stoppers, Metal Logo, Zipper Sliders, Pullers, Various Garment Accessories / Trimmings.

Common Metal Accessories

Standard items without logo, with most common used sizes, shapes and colors.

Custom Accessories

Customizing common accessories with laser or digital printing or with special colors


Designing & Manufacturing a new product or designing a product with logo also with a special color

About Apparel Accessories

Apparel accessories and textile products from Turkey. Turkey has a great advantage in Logistics, Quality, craftsmanship and wide variety of products. Turkey has advantage in costs with good quality. Sourcing from Turkey, you will have the advantage in good craftsmanship. Flexible quantities. compatible qualities with EU Regulations and of course tax free.

We are professionals in sourcing and manufacturing all type of metal accessories and trimmings. Brass and Zamak(Zinc Alloy) accessories with various coating and painting colors.



Buttons, Rivets, Eyelets, Buckles, Clips, Hooks, Grommets, Cord Ends, Stoppers, Rings, Pins, Metal logo, Sewing Buttons, Shank Buttons, Prong Snap Buttons, Snap Fasteners, Zippers, Sewing metal badges, Zipper Pullers, Medals.

We have audited and controlled manufacturing facilities with proper quality certificates with global validity, we produce all requested metal accessories for our valuable brand holders and customers.

We are executing a quality control on all sourcing and manufacturing process to assure our customers strict demands and expectations.

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