Jacrons, Labels, Hang Tags

All type of Jacrons, Labels, Hang Tags, Price Tags which is used as supplementary products when manufacturing apparels. Labels are essential for an apparel to give their identity , its uniqueness, complete the sentence and make it stylish.
Jacrons, Woven Labels, Taffeta, Genuine Leather Labels, PU Labels, Silicone and Faux Leather Labels, Printed Labels, Care Labels, Jakron Labels, Metal Labels, Washing Instructions, Care Labels, Hang Tags, Price Tags, Swinging Labels, Cartoon Labels, Fabric Labels

Genuine Leather Labels


Genuine Leather Labels / Jacrons

Faux/Imitation Leather Labels

Faux Leather Labels

Imitation/Faux Leather Labels

Metal Labels

Labels with Metal

Leather or Faux Leather Labels with Metal.

Paper Jacron

Paper Jacron

Paper / Cartoon Labels

Paper Hang Tags

Cartoon Hang Tags

Cartoon and Paper Hang Tags

Cord Strings

Cord String Labels

Cord String Labels with logo and waxed stripe



All type of Metal Accessories Used in Clothings, Footwear, Swimwear, Underwear, Bags, Hats, Working Clothes, Hotel and Hospital Clothes
Threads and Yarns.


All items used for branding.


All items used for pricing and information


All kind of labels also used for designs

About Jacrons & Labels

Apparel accessories and textile products from Turkey. Turkey has a great advantage in Logistics, Quality, craftmanship and wide varity of products. Turkey has advantage in costs with good quality. Sourcing from Turkey, you will have the advantage in good craftmanship. Flexible quantities. Competible qualities with EU Regulations and of course tax free.

We are proffesionals in sourcing and manufacturing metal accessories and trimmings. We can supply and produce all type of metal accessories from Zinc Alloy (Zamak) and Brass.



We can Provide all products and raw materials that you use in your production, or if you need processed or trimmed product or raw material we can serve in fully proffesional manner. We can also give full service of production, quality control, packing and logistic services.

We can supply unique and valuable accessories with top quality for brands.

We act as a liaison office and representative of companies or brands in Turkey, providing branch services and operations.

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